Stan The Sweep Limited Terms & Conditions

Bookings & cancellations

When a customer makes a booking they will automatically be accepting my terms written here. If you wish to opt out please contact me to cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

I will endeavour to provide you with a 1-3 hour time window for your appointment a few days before. This will mostly be done by email so check your spam folders. If you have not had contact from me text me the day before or ring me after 6pm the evening before. Email is the best way to initially contact me. I endeavour to send my schedule out 3-7 days before your appointment.

Bookings are made on location. Therefore, my day is planned on geography. Should you cancel 1 to 2 days before a cancellation fee of half the cost may be payable. If you rebook I usually credit this figure. If you cancel with less than 1 days notice, including if I arrive and am unable to get a reply at the door the full price of the sweep is payable. I understand that things in life happen and often this can be negotiated.

Why do I need this? I am a small business that provides a professional service to my customers. This includes employing a call centre and arranging my diaries to minimise travelling time and impact on the environment. If you forget or cancel, I am unlikely to be able to re-book someone who lives nearby to that days route meaning I lose out financially, Furthermore in busy times I will likely of turned down other customers that could of been done on that day.


Poor access and parking can cost precious time on busy days. Please can you ensure that gates are open where possible that there is space on your drive and any cars that may be leaving while I am working are already out of the way. If you live in a permit area, please arrange a guest permit in advance, and if you have no parking or parking is difficult please give me instructions in advance where to park so I can allocate extra time.

Work Access Area

You do not need to cover furniture or carpets but am not offended if you do. On wet days I do appreciate floor covering of your own as trying to keep my own dry on rainy days is always a challenge.

Please remove all ornaments and bits and pieces from the mantle, hearth, I usually need an area in front of the appliance of 2m x 1.5m for equipment and myself to work effectively. Please remove any breakables/valuable/furniture from my route to the appliance. I am not liable for any breakages that occur to items within the property because they are left in the way.

Lastly, please ensure all pets are kept out of the way. I am ok with dogs if they are ok with me. I am happy for the dog to introduce itself if it helps calm them down, but I need the work space to be safe for myself and your pets. I will be in and out several time whilst setting up and packing away and as I will be carrying cumbersome equipment I may need to leave doors open, if you are worried about pets escaping, please put them somewhere safe for the duration of my visit.

Preparing your appliance

All appliances must me cool, you the customer should know how long appliance should be off for it to be cool.

Remove all ash and other debris before I arrive. It is vital that any waste such as tissues & documents are removed before I can work.

I often need to remove parts especially in stoves to gain access to the flue. Baffle/throat plates may become warped and occasionally more aggressive methods may be needed to remove it. I will inform you if this is required. Stoves are often lined with ceramic or vermiculite fire bricks, These are strong when initially fitted but are a consumable item and even a hairline crack may mean that even gentle handling may mean they will break. If they break during the sweeping process it is not my responsibility to replace them. If they can be replaced without detriment to the appliance I will put the back.

Many flues nowadays especially closed appliances like stoves have steel liners. I have been trained and use the correct equipment to sweep these. It is important that these flues are regularly swept in line with manufacturer instructions. There are never any problems with correctly installed regularly maintained liners. I have done thousands of these and the usual problem is corroded liner which is obvious to both the customer and my self. I am not responsible for a failed liner as it will be certainly be corroded or a defective installation. However if you still have a concern and you have the installation documentation, sweeping documentation according manufacturer instructions I will look at this and act in a fair way. If there is a problem you will need the installation certificate, and previous sweeping certificates issued by registered sweeps.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a correctly fitted terminal on top of your chimney. An incorrect terminal will result in a fail on your certificate. A British standard sweep requires the sweeping equipment to sweep the full length of the flue. Therefore if the terminal is not fixed properly then the sweep will not feel and pressure and it is likely the terminal will be removed or knocked lose. I am not responsible for any damage caused to property by falling terminals due to incorrect fitting and maintenance. I am not responsible for their replacement . I can usually see issues from the ground in which case I will inform you before I begin. Correctly fitted appropriate terminals in good condition will never be removed by sweeping.

Please also ensure your carbon monoxide is visible and also your ventilation (air brick).

If I am unable to sweep your appliance due to issues I was not aware of before I arrive the customer is liable for the full cost of the sweep. Examples are appliances with inadequate access to sweep. Gas fires are a prime example they are often disconnected but not removed ask you gas technician to remove the appliance if there is any doubt.

After your sweep

I will leave your appliance and surrounding area as clean and tidy as possible. Most appliances produce a few handfuls of soot in a year if properly used which will be sucked up by the vacuum and taken away. Excessive soot will be bagged and left with yourself.

I have been sweeping since 2011 and have accumulated a broad knowledge of appliances and the regulations that pertain to them. I member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps trained by them and go on regular refresher courses. If I come across an appliance that I cannot sweep due to a faulty installation then the full fee for callout will be charged. Recommendations will be given as to how to solve the issues.

I will issue you with a certificate reporting the key finding of my visit. There is no longer a requirement to sign the certificate as by booking to have agreed to abide by my terms and conditions. If I wish or need to take photos or video I will ask your permission. If you wish to photo or video me you must ask my permission.


Payment is to be made on completion of the work, by Cash, Cheque, or bank transfer, (card will come later) unless other methods have been agreed beforehand. I may ask for an upfront payment if a booking is for multiple chimneys.

I will pursue all late/non-payments through the small claims court and seek to recover the additional legal costs.

After service Problems

I take great pride in my professionalism and exceptional levels of service. A good percentage of my new business is direct from customer referrals which speaks for itself. Most post sweep problems such as smoke coming back into the room are due to either operator error or ventilation issues. I encourage my customer to visit to assist getting the best use out or their appliance!

If you have a problem after my visit then please get in touch with me as soon as possible, so I can resolve the issue. I am only human and if I make a mistake I will do what I can to make it good and free of charge.

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